Orange and Blue Paracord Belt

Orange and Blue Paracord Belt

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Each belt consists of ~100-160 ft of tactical paracord, depending on the length of the belt.

Each belt is hand crafted in the White Mountains of the US to ensure superior quality and craftsmanship

 During a survival situation you can unravel your belt for 100-160 feet of premium 550 paracord to work with.

We guarantee the highest quality belts, if you are not satisfied with any aspect of the belt, we offer a 30-day full money back guarantee.


  • Thickness:      .4"
  • Width:           1.4"
  • Length:          Varies

Determining the correct length for you:

Add at least 6 inches to your waist size to ensure sufficient length. For a longer hang down look for your belt we would suggest adding 12-18" to your waist size

 Waist Size Minimum Hang down look
30" 36" 44"-50"
32"-34" 40"


36"-38" 44" 50"-54"
40-44" 50" 54"-60"
44"+ 50" 54"-60"